Daily life

You have a Kitty?

One day I was in the former Eletropaulo Saints section (CPFL today), in Av. Rangel Pestana and in one of the walls there was a sign with a text that I thought it was really good and that I share with you.

A wise old man and a young disciple did the pilgrimage by the interior of their country when they encountered a small place. The place was in poor storage conditions, the weeds were tall, about falling apart, rotting wood doors. Outside there was a dairy cow near a ravine. It seemed to be the only animal of the site.
The old man then decided to pay a visit. Knocked on the door and a skinny boy and ragged answered the door. The old man then asked how were things in there that the boy answered that things were really bad and difficult, in living 6 people: An elderly couple, they had health problems, He with his wife and two children dressed and apparently malnourished.
The old Sage asked as they were to stand on while the young listened carefully all Discipleship.
The boy replied that they had a dairy cow that they'd milk. A part of the milk they reserved for their own use and another they sold in the market and with the money obtained were buying groceries.
The wise old man quit wishing good things to all.
When we were leaving the place he addressed to his discipleship and ordered that would push the cow in the ravine below.
The young man was overwhelmed with such and questioned Jeanette because he wanted to do that.
;This cow is the only breadwinner of the family and the Lord wants me to push the edge? Assim ela vai morrer e provavelmente esta família vá sofrer muito’;, He said.
The wise only replied that trusted him.
The young man then even thwarted did what was ordered and so the cow died and they left.
Months later they returned to the scene and barely recognized the place. The Bush was cut, about all dressed up, the whole House painted. There were buildings around for creation of birds and pigs and even a vegetable garden that was very well taken care of.
The young slammed the door and the same before boy answered the door, but now was looking much better. The children played with toys and books, the wife took care of lunch and the old looked healthier.
So they asked him what had happened to that he answered:
;We had a cow that gave us the livelihood, but she fell into the ravine and died. As we didn't have what I was looking for a job to support us. After we were fixing the place and decided to create other animals to help with rent. Now we all work on the site, taking care of animals, da horta e as crianças estão na escola.’;

Havia ao final do texto um “;MORAL DA HISTÓRIA”; in questioning whether in our life we didn't have our Kitty prevented us to try harder to progress.
I've had my Kitty, I've supported her only. Luckily I didn't wait for her to die to look better.
And you? Have your Kitty?