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Archives for : April2013

Brazilian society has what she deserves

Last Tuesday, 23 April, the day after the day the Brazil celebrated 513 years of the arrival of Pedro Álvares Cabral, When they invented this country, and our current society was born, happened to me a very boring.

I made a trip to São Paulo to Santos by conventional line, night and as I was very tired slept almost the entire trip. On the bus there were many others like me, returning from a day at work and just wanted the comfort of home.
He was wearing a pair of jeans that you have resilience, slim model that is what best fits for my wide thin, and the pockets are somewhat problematic to keep a somewhat bulky portfolio of so many items that I have inside.
When I woke up I realized that I was this close to the point where I have to go down and then I left to get my bag in the compartment which is above the heads of the passengers and went to the door. I went down, I walked a few 20 meters, I saw the bus leave to follow his path when I realized that my wallet

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