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Archives for : Daily life

Using Notepad++ to remove accents

Today I share a tip to facilitate the replacement of accented characters using only Notepad++ and your HTML Tag Plugin.

Let’s do it!

First of all, we must have HTML Tag Plugin installed. If you already have it, jump to step 4.

  1. Open Notepad++ and look for Plugins in Main Menu.
    Notepad Plugins Menu Item
  1. If HTML Tag is absent, open Plugin Manager->Show Plugin Manager and find HTML Tag Plugin on the list.
    HTML Tag Plugin on Notepad++ Plugin Manager
  2. Select the desired Plugins and hit Install button. Notepadd++ will restart to complete the install.
    Now we can translate special characters to yours HTML entities. We need to do it first to remove accents from our text.
  3. Put your text on the window and make Select All with Ctrl + A or Edit -> Select All in Main Menu.
  4. Open Plugins->HTML Tag->Encode Entities in Main Menu or CTRL + E.
    Now, all special characters will be in html entities.
    Notepad++ With Special Characters Encoded in HTML
  5. Open the Replace Form (CTRL + H or Search->Replace) and fill the Find What field with
    &([a-zA-Z])(:?grave|acute|circ|uml|aring|cedil|slash|tilde); and Replace with field with $1
    Select Regular Expression in Search Mode and hit Replace All button.
    Notepad++ Replace Form
    The text will be replaced with no accents characters, but all other special chars will be in HTML entity.
    Notepad++ HTML replaced text
  6. Now we can return all other chars to your originals but is better to use your text in UTF-8 encoding. Go to Encoding Menu and change text encoding if is not Utf-8. You can return to another encoding after this step.
    To decode HTML use CTRL + Shift + E or Plugins->HTML Tag->Decode Entities.
    Notepad++ Final Text convertion

I Hope that help someone.


Relembrando o passado…;

Stirring in my personal files I found this message I wrote shortly after the end of presidential elections of 2014. I don't know why it was not published on my personal blog, but remember posted on Facebook. As I am no longer using Facebook will [Re]publish the text in full.

Principais Candidatos Eleições 2014

Main Election Candidates 2014


I think it's funny that some people use Facebook to try to convince me of something subjective like she's a lot smarter than the other (and that I, já que isso aqui “;lemos”; alone and not in Group) and do not accept dissent. Some, After 2 or 3 comentários contrários apelam para “;THIS is my FB ACCOUNT, POSTO O QUE EU QUISER”;.
Será que nunca entenderam o que quer dizer “;GLASS HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY?;
Everything is subjective usually don't have right or wrong choice. If a thing or situation has evidentiary facts, is no longer subjective, is concrete and in this case it's a matter of accepting or not, as a resignation that you didn't realize or your team that is well, losing the flashlight. What is subjective is reached the conclusion through personal experience and State of mind.
Talvez porque eu “;quase”; never try to convince anyone that I'm right and open up the discussion to to argue your point of view, I am outraged when I see intolerant, unbiased, arrogant and inflexible spreading their superior intelligence.
Before attempting to convince someone with arguments drawn from magazine covers, titles of articles or videos from facebook users to which the account is never confirmed, give yourself at least work to read such content under a critical Prism. The people you're going to drive can be those who read 20 books by year, several national and international newspapers in Portuguese or other[s] language[s] and can bring down your arguments in a few seconds if you are not grounded in something concrete.
I'm writing this thinking about the messages about the country's Division disseminated primarily by paulistas. When they see the Rio Grande do Sul fans sing the anthem of the RS on the national anthem at any event think absurd. Preach unity, and repudiate the separatist attitudes, but when a large part of the country doesn't follow its political ideology and the first thing that starts the defender is something that repudiates the other.

Mr post reproduction elected Colonel Tiled (PSDB) that generated controversy

Mr post reproduction elected Colonel Tiled (PSDB) that generated controversy

This selective indignation paulista is disgusting, late and evil.
I advise you that bothered to read this far and got angry with my words to read Vidas Secas, Grande Sertão Veredas and hear stories of Suassuna. Will become a much better person.

Goodbye Neymar Jr.

Today is a sad day for me as a supporter of the Santos Futebol Clube and connoisseur of football as a whole. Is the first day, After more than 3 years, When I didn't see Neymar Jr. at the stadium wearing the uniform of the glorious alvinegro paulista.
For you that twists to another Club might not understand the reasons for which the crowd mourns, do you remember any other player reach the status that he arrived as Idol. Neither

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Brazilian society has what she deserves

Last Tuesday, 23 April, the day after the day the Brazil celebrated 513 years of the arrival of Pedro Álvares Cabral, When they invented this country, and our current society was born, happened to me a very boring.

I made a trip to São Paulo to Santos by conventional line, night and as I was very tired slept almost the entire trip. On the bus there were many others like me, returning from a day at work and just wanted the comfort of home.
He was wearing a pair of jeans that you have resilience, slim model that is what best fits for my wide thin, and the pockets are somewhat problematic to keep a somewhat bulky portfolio of so many items that I have inside.
When I woke up I realized that I was this close to the point where I have to go down and then I left to get my bag in the compartment which is above the heads of the passengers and went to the door. I went down, I walked a few 20 meters, I saw the bus leave to follow his path when I realized that my wallet

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Quando eu tinha 17…;

When I had 17 years lived with the expectation of my life after completing 18 years. Power in in Prom in the Club without fear of being barred, get a driver's license, Anyway, becoming adult.
And the big day. Happened to fall on a Saturday. I woke up, I took my coffee with milk and ate some bread and butter (This is kick, But how did this every day, you wouldn't be different). I don't remember what I did until a few 3 in the afternoon, but

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You have a Kitty?

One day I was in the former Eletropaulo Saints section (CPFL today), in Av. Rangel Pestana and in one of the walls there was a sign with a text that I thought it was really good and that I share with you.

A wise old man and a young disciple did the pilgrimage by the interior of their country when they encountered a small place. The place was in poor storage conditions, the weeds were tall, about falling apart, rotting wood doors. Outside there was a dairy cow near a ravine. It seemed to be the only animal of the site.
The old man then decided to pay a visit. Knocked on the door and a skinny boy and ragged answered the door. The old man then asked how were things in there that the boy answered that things were really bad and difficult, in living 6 people: An elderly couple, they had health problems, He with his wife and two children dressed and apparently malnourished.
The old Sage asked as they were to stand on while the young listened carefully all Discipleship.
The boy replied that they had a dairy cow that they'd milk. A part of the milk they reserved for their own use and another they sold in the market and with the money obtained were buying groceries.
The wise old man quit wishing good things to all.
When we were leaving the place he addressed to his discipleship and ordered that would push the cow in the ravine below.
The young man was overwhelmed with such and questioned Jeanette because he wanted to do that.
;This cow is the only breadwinner of the family and the Lord wants me to push the edge? Assim ela vai morrer e provavelmente esta família vá sofrer muito’;, He said.
The wise only replied that trusted him.
The young man then even thwarted did what was ordered and so the cow died and they left.
Months later they returned to the scene and barely recognized the place. The Bush was cut, about all dressed up, the whole House painted. There were buildings around for creation of birds and pigs and even a vegetable garden that was very well taken care of.
The young slammed the door and the same before boy answered the door, but now was looking much better. The children played with toys and books, the wife took care of lunch and the old looked healthier.
So they asked him what had happened to that he answered:
;We had a cow that gave us the livelihood, but she fell into the ravine and died. As we didn't have what I was looking for a job to support us. After we were fixing the place and decided to create other animals to help with rent. Now we all work on the site, taking care of animals, da horta e as crianças estão na escola.’;

Havia ao final do texto um “;MORAL DA HISTÓRIA”; in questioning whether in our life we didn't have our Kitty prevented us to try harder to progress.
I've had my Kitty, I've supported her only. Luckily I didn't wait for her to die to look better.
And you? Have your Kitty?