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Below is a list of some of the projects on which I worked recently. In some of them there is the possibility to test the online operation, others must be downloaded for local execution and others show only your appearance. All are without their real names for obvious issues.

P1 –; Laravel + Metronic

This is a project made in PHP using the framework Laravel. The project was started by a company which does not have connection using MySQL as database, Laravel 5.0 and a theme owner Metronic Boostrap-based name 3 and angle.

In this project I was tasked to closely monitor the implementation and make suggestions. After assessing the performance decided to migrate the database used in MySQL to PostgreSQL which demanded a rewrite of the code that used SQL statements specific to MySQL to version using the native mechanism of Laravel (Eloquent and Query Builder). Also I migrated the internal version of the Medtronic used to Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. Removed all the libs that were not used in the frontend and optimized to use the elements as much as possible the WebPack.

One of the major changes was to create some Scheduled Queued Jobs that were needed for executions before synchronous that over time and with the constant growth of the amount of data in the BD could represent a bottleneck and source of constant failures. Were created and placed in queues (queues) with monitoring the status of the execution of such tasks visually.
The source code can be checked here.

P2 –; Symfony + StartBootstrap Admin Theme

Project created to unify access to multiple systems in a single point, eliminating redundant entries, making synchronous and simplified changes effectively, solving a problem that has been worsening and creating a point of waste of resources (financial and human).

The proposal was to create a set of registers capable of creating elements dynamically and thus become scalable. A directory of configurable options was created making it possible to indicate in advance what types of permission levels, colors, icons, etc the system indicated would have.

Another important feature that is part of the project is the ability to allow a migration at any time of existing authentication mechanism to a single standardized point, forcing the user to update their registration data without interference from any human resource, as well as the access recovery, reducing costs with links (for example).

This Panel uses PostgreSQL database access, MySQL and SQLite.

The source code of this project can be verified here.

P3 –; Delphi + Zeos

Project created to control secure destruction area.

In this project, I modified an existing version to migrate your entire future to a version 100% Web.

Several new features have been added in version executable to reduce (with great success) the human failures that increased the time for the process were answered fully within the SLA indicated in the contract.

Another important feature added was the ability to update certain information without the need to modify the system via technology (How to change information directly in the database or even having to recompile the project).

The source code of this project can be seen here.

P4 –; Delphi + Zeos

System created to control various operations related to storage of items, dispatch of parcels via post office (Number of control Objects) including weighing, control of product life cycle with high security restriction, among many other functions.

Has been modified dramatically the flow, the appearance, the way the system performs the weighing and significant improvements in memory use and run Setup, making an executable capable of operating over the network, samba mapping, etc.

The source code of this project can be seen here.

Other activities

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