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档案 : Ubuntu

乌班图上的铬冻结 22.02 杰米水母

I’;ve updated recently my Laptop with Ubuntu from 20.02 to 22.02 through apt in command line and after did it, my Chrome installed has a annoyng behavior. Every time that a download modal appears to save attachments or even to upload a file, Chrome stops working, freezing all tabs and menus.

Its possible to quit on right click on favorites or dock and reopened but the issue keeps occuring.

After a lot of searches I found this pagethis comment and did the solution explained there and finally the problem was solved until now.

The solution

Just turn off input feedback sounds.

You can do this through command line:

$ dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/sound/input-feedback-sounds false

Or using dconf-editor

I hope that help someone!

乌本图上的码头. 服务 nginx 无法生成: ADD 失败: 统计 /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder(;)/ 没有这样的文件或目录


有时, 使用拉多克时, 在尝试容器重建后,将发生此错误。 no such file or directory 消息上 docker-compose up -d –build nginx 命令.

我不清楚什么是实际问题, 但运行命令与sudo, 我们可以成功运行它.

Seems that the regular user need access rights to directory /var/lib/docker/tmp/ but do not have. So, running with sudo the trouble is bypassed and the build can finished normally.

使用 sudo 构建容器后, 可以卸载它,并重新加载,而无需 sudo.