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Unlocking Android 7 (Nougat) – Bypassing Google Account Lock (No PC Way)

Sometimes, life bring us some questions that make think “How is it possible?” and “How can we solve this kind of trouble?”.

Today is one of these days. One daughter from a coworker mine reset your Samsung J5 Prime to solve crash issues. When it finally boot, the surprise: She forgot your Google Account and your password.

Luckily, The Internet is full of “How To” to this kind of trouble. Some of them do not work or is completely fake, mainly in Youtube videos. This is why I am making this video tutorial.

The cellphone end up in my hand and I unlock it after see some videos and read some usefull pages.

Below is the working method. All steps are describe below, also a video with all steps hosted on Youtube and links to needed files.

First of all, I DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR PHONE, but relax, the risk is almost zero.

Let is go!

  • Charge the battery of your device and have a working wi-fi (or a 3G/4G) connection with internet access.
  • Turn on your phone
  • After it boot up go ahead and configure one wi-fi connection if there is no SIM chip with internet access.
  • Click Next, Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Next.
  • When it ask you for the Google Account press 3 times the home button (quickly) to start Google Talkback Assistant.
  • The Talkback Tutorial will be shown. Do a “L” gesture on screen to have access to Global Context Menu.
  • Press one time in Talkback Configuration and after, press twice to open it.
  • Now you can deactivate it. Press 3 times the home button again to do it.
  • Go to Help and Feedback menu item (scroll down to the end of list).
  • On the list shown, click on Get started with Voice Access.
  • Must have a Youtube Video link. Click on it and click on the clock to open the Browser.
  • Click on the location bar and type this address
  • On the page, search for the Orange Link Google Account Bypass to open this tutorial.
  • Scroll down the page until the 2 more orange links (Remote GSMEdge and (QuickShortcutMaker)
  • Open the first link (order does not matter here) and click on the Download Link (another Orange Link).
  • Press the Back Button on your phone and open the other link to download de other file.
  • After all file were downloaded, Click on Bookmarks button (bottom of screen when on top of one page), go to History tab and open Download History

Download these 2 files to your cell phone (or even to an SD-Card)
Remote GSMEdge

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