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O que ando aprendendo nesta caminhada sobre a Terra

Chrome freezing on Ubuntu 22.02 Jammy Jellyfish

I’ve updated recently my Laptop with Ubuntu from 20.02 to 22.02 through apt in command line and after did it, my Chrome installed has a annoyng behavior. Every time that a download modal appears to save attachments or even to upload a file, Chrome stops working, freezing all tabs and menus. Its possible to quit…
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Docker on Ubuntu. Service nginx failed to build: ADD failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder(…)/ no such file or directory

Sometimes, when using Laradock, this error occurs after trying a container rebuild with no such file or directory message on docker-compose up -d –build nginx command. Its not clear to me what is the actual issue, but running the command with sudo, we can run it sucessfully. Seems that the regular user need access rights…
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