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Archives for : June2020

Antispam para Servidores de E-mail

Já publiquei um tempo atrás um artigo mostrando como montei um servidor e e-mail utilizando as ferramentas mais comuns para ambiente OpenSource em Linux. Usei Postfix, Dovecot, Postfixadmin, Roundcube e Spamassassin.

Agora vou mostrar uma outra ferramenta que é uma alternativa ao Spamassassin que é o MailCleaner.

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Protecting your WordPress from attacks

This site you are accessing is an installation of the Wordpress. I like the ease of it.

WordPress is really good at producing a blog quickly in a VPS or Cloud, but its ease is also its biggest defect.

How simple it is to have a website with it, the vast majority of pages present on the internet are made using it and consequently this attracts those looking for flaws in the programming of its open source.

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