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J5 Links

Here are some useful links to Samsung J5 cell Phone.

Google Account verification Bypass

Unlocking Android 7 (Nougat) – Bypassing Google Account Lock (No PC Way)

Sometimes, life bring us some questions that make think “How is it possible?” and “How can we solve this kind of trouble?”.

Today is one of these days. One daughter from a coworker mine reset your Samsung J5 Prime to solve crash issues. When it finally boot, the surprise: She forgot your Google Account and your password.

Luckily, The Internet is full of “How To” to this kind of trouble. Some of them do not work or is completely fake, mainly in Youtube videos. This is why I am making this video tutorial.

The cellphone end up in my hand and I unlock it after see some videos and read some usefull pages.

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Remote GSMEdge Download


Remote GSMEdge is an Android app and your mainly use is to help on unlocking Google Account Proccess, mainly in Samsung cell phones.

Download Remote GSMEdge

Download Odin 3

Odin allows you to update your Android firmware without fuss.

Odin3 is a free PC (Windows) application which can flash (and root) some Android-based cell phones.

With Odin3, you can flash roms in your Samsung cell phone. You can install any supported version of the Android OS on your smartphone before your phone manufacturer has released an update, putting you on the bleeding edge of software. Once your phone has been rooted

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QuickShortcutMaker Download


QuickShortcutMaker is an app to Android. It is used to manage your Android cellphone applications and proccess.

Also is used to help on unlocking Google Account Proccess, mainly in Samsung Phones

Download QuickShortcutMaker for free

Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones

Aconselho ler a página toda antes de efetuar o download.

Esta página na verdade é uma espécie de backup dos arquivos que costumo precisar. Para evitar ficar pesquisando e vendo centenas de páginas repletas de propaganda disponibilizo aqui para meu próprio uso e dessa forma fica disponível para você também.

The Samsung drivers that allow

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How to retrieve a cell phone Samsung Galaxy using the hardware-download mode

I play enough with cell phones. Currently I'm investing in equipment to do more than open an iPhone to replace battery or set Touch + Screen.

Tive em minhas mãos não faz muito tempo um celular Samsung Galaxy Ace model GT-S5830C. I played a lot with him flashing ROMs e ensinei meu filho adolescente a fazer o básico e o celular acabou ficando com ele.

One day he came to tell me that there was flashed a wrong in the device ROM

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