Month: June 2018

O que ando aprendendo nesta caminhada sobre a Terra

Samgung J5

J5 Links

Here are some useful links to Samsung J5 cell Phone. Google Account verification Bypass

Odin 3 Screen

Download Odin 3

Odin allows you to update your Android firmware without fuss. Odin3 is a free PC (Windows) application which can flash (and root) some Android-based cell phones. With Odin3, you can flash roms in your Samsung cell phone. You can install any supported version of the Android OS on your smartphone before your phone manufacturer has…
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Using jQueryMask Plugin to format dates in different patterns

jQuery Mask Plugin is a great Javascript library to format fields for presentation and/or to force a properly input by users. Here, I show how to deal with input or another HTML element to display dates when the source date has a different format from target element. Example: We have a datetime with Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Seconds…
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Binding several values in PDO SQL Statement (PDOStatement)

How we can bind several placeholder with PDO when writing SQL instructions with multiple values to binding or single value to multiple columns