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O que ando aprendendo nesta caminhada sobre a Terra

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There’s a voice that keeps on calling me

Ulysses, Ulysses – Soaring through all the galaxies. In search of Earth, flying in to the night. Ulysses, Ulysses – Fighting evil and tyranny, with all his power, and with all of his might. Ulysses – no-one else can do the things you do. Ulysses – like a bolt of thunder from the blue. Ulysses…
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80 days around the world

80 days around the world, we’ll find a pot of gold just sitting where the rainbow’s ending. Time – we’ll fight against the time, and we’ll fly on the white wings of the wind. 80 days around the world, no we won’t say a word before the ship is really back. Round, round, all around…
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Correcting modules not loaded error on Centos 6. x

A common problem after upgrading a kernel via yum on Centos is not creating the new kernel modules. An example of this error happens when you try to use grep as in the print below. # iptables-L-n | grep “;meu ip”; FATAL: Could not load/lib/modules/2.6.32-042stab123.9/modules.dep: No such file or directory # Isso indica…
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Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones

File download page to install USB Drivers for Samsung mobile devices

Meu JIG USB caseiro

How to retrieve a cell phone Samsung Galaxy using the hardware-download mode

Process of creating of JIG to force USB download mode on phones Samsung Galaxy line and exemplification of functioning in a unit that had ROM Galaxy Ace of a Galaxy Y written on the appliance.

Using Notepad++ to remove accents

Today I share a tip to facilitate the replacement of accented characters using only Notepad++ and your HTML Tag Plugin. Let’s do it! First of all, we must have HTML Tag Plugin installed. If you already have it, jump to step 4. Open Notepad++ and look for Plugins in Main Menu. If HTML Tag is absent, open…
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Relembrando o passado…

Mexendo nos meus arquivos pessoais encontrei esta mensagem que escrevi logo após o término das eleições presidenciais de 2014. Não sei porque não estava publicada no meu blog pessoal, mas lembro de ter publicado no Facebook. Como quase não estou mais usando Facebook vou [re]publicar o texto na íntegra.   Acho engraçado que algumas pessoas…
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How to clear deferred messages from Postfix Queue

Avoid having a lot of e-mail messages in the delivery queue. Learn how to use the commands to view and remove items from MESSAGE queue using Postfix as MTA.

Naming files using list from 0 to Z

How to create incremental filenames from 0 through 9, so from A through Z.