Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones Download

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Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones

I advise you read the whole page before download.

This page is actually a kind of backup of the files that I need. To avoid becoming a searching and seeing hundreds of pages full of advertising available here for my own use and thus is available for you also.

The Samsung drivers that allow mobile devices are recognized correctly by the Windows computer are indispensable when it comes to use of software such as Kies or Odin.

Some people suffer because their devices are not recognized correctly and cannot advance to the given point.

Then follows precious tips to avoid any kind of problem.

  1. Install the drivers before connecting the appliance.
  2. After installing the drivers, connect the appliance and wait for the installation of all items that your computer detect. That usually take a while so be patient. Disconnect and reconnect the appliance to the end of the first detection, because sometimes Windows Update interferes in the process.
  3. Always use reliable USB ports in your equipment. The fact of the mouse or keyboard are working on it doesn't mean it fits to data traffic as heavy as Flash ROMs. Avoid frontas doors of the offices of low cost. They do not provide enough power to keep a stable connection enough and even worse if you have other connected devices that consume energy as an external HD.
  4. More important that the gate is the USB cable to be used. Always try to use the original data cable of the appliance or at least a quality cable that is functioning normally.
  5. Always keep the battery of your device with load enough to at least 1 screen time linked. It's no use to carry her in 100% If it only lasts 10 minutes.
  6. Do not start a ROM flash process when climate conditions indicate that there may be a power outage. If you have a UPS good. Notebooks are also excellent to avoid problems with the energy, Since the battery has enough charge to last a full flash process.

Download Samsung USB Drivers here.


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